Murder at the Long Branch Saloon

January 28, 2023
6:00 pm
MaryDel, DE
Harvest Ridge Winery
Murder at the Long Branch Saloon

Strap on your spurs and take a trip back to the Old West- Western MaryDel at the Harvest Ridge Winery!

!A town hall meeting has been called by Miss Kitty West, owner of the Long Branch Saloon, the best waterin’ hole this side of the “Chesterpeake Bay.” Seems there’s suspicious activity goin’ on by MarDelVa’s most notorious outlaw who has been forcing people to sell him their land….or else!!

Will the citizens take a stance against—or perhaps consider murdering— this evil chicken baron in this “Old-West-meets-up-with-new-sheriff in-town parody”?

Join us for this hilarious event – including Dinner, glass of wine and show!


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